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Please note: If you plan to enroll in Bill Pay, payments will be sent with your name as the sender; not the name of the business. Contact us to have your business name added.



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Note: If you wish to enroll both your personal and business accounts, but access them separately, you will need to enroll twice, thus creating two separate logins. Choose 'Personal Accounts Only' the first time and 'Business Accounts Only' the second time.


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Douglas County Bank Online Security Statement

The following statement outlines Douglas County Bank's continued commitment to your online banking security. We use proven technology and established procedures for keeping your information secure.

Security features for Douglas County Bank's online banking:

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption (128-bit) provides a secure channel for data transmission across computer networks using public key cryptography.
  • User Options allow account holders to change their passwords and time-out periods.
  • We "timeout" an Internet banking session after a specified period of inactivity. This keeps others from viewing or continuing Internet banking activity if an account holder leaves a personal computer unattended.
  • We never request sensitive information - account number, user ID, Social Security Number or password-via e-mail. Please contact us immediately if you receive such a request. For your security, never send such sensitive information via e-mail.

The bank may use a software "cookie" when accessing our Internet banking product. No "cookie" will contain any information that would enable anyone to contact you via telephone, e-mail, or U.S. mail. A "cookie" is a small piece of information, which a Web site stores in the Web browser of your personal computer and can later retrieve. A "cookie" cannot be read by a Web site other than the one that sets the "cookie." You can set your Web browser to inform you when "cookies" are set or to prevent "cookies" from being set.

For more information on Douglas County Bank's online security, please:

  • Visit our SECURITY SITE to see how we protect your information and how you can help with this process.
  • Visit the PROTECT PRIVACY micro-site to learn how you can help protect yourself against fraud and identity theft.
  • Download our COMPUTER SECURITY PDF for security suggestions to focus on for helping to protect your personal computer.
  • See our FAQ's page and learn how to configure your internet and security settings so our site functions properly.
  • Visit our SECURITY FAQ for quick answers to common questions.

Security Bulletin Regarding Online Services

There are organizations on the Internet offering "free services" such as Internet acceleration or e-mail virus scanning. Some of these organizations have loosely defined privacy policies allowing them to harvest and share information considered to be personal and highly sensitive by Internet users.

Such organizations ask unsuspecting users to configure their browsers to cause all Web traffic, including sensitive encrypted secure traffic, to be decrypted and passed through and captured by that organization's servers. The information is then forwarded on to its intended destination. So, information that is thought by the end user to be inaccessible and private to everyone but the intended recipient is collected and may be shared with intermediaries and unnamed third parties.

Such organizations rely upon the fact that many Internet users do not understand the methods employed by these organizations or that users too quickly peruse the agreement terms without reading the fine print of the privacy policy. This is a dangerous situation, made worse by the fact that once installed, such software has been designed to fail upon uninstall, leaving a "back door" to future communications, which are assumed to be private.

One such organization tells users that it installs its own "trusted" certificates so it can intercept secure (SSL) connections made by the user's personal computer. It is important that Internet users be aware of Internet companies that use technology to intercept encrypted communications and have full access to end user's personal information and have obtained user's acceptance to share information with third parties.

Douglas County Bank never offers these services. Please contact us immediately if you receive such an offer from Douglas County Bank.

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